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Replacement Fin Rails Kit

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  • Set of 8 rails
  • 4 foot pocket rails: 33cm (13 inches)
  • 4 water channel rails: 38cm (15 inches)



The replacement fin rails kit is ideal for extending the lifetime of your diving fin. These rails are long enough and compatible to fit any carbon or fibreglass fins on the market.

Fin rails are used to channel water down the diving fins, thus creating more effective strokes. This is because the rails eliminate the fin slipping off the water effect during your down stroke. You can actually feel this when trying out plastic fins or with some fibre / carbon fins without those water channeling rails. When rails finally come loose or you’ve just worn them out, fins may loose their effectiveness.

Another reason to use rin rails is that they protect the side edges of your fins against impact. For instance, if you dive in the shallows with rock and coral around, but also if you ever transport them without bag. With our fin rail replacement kit your Spearfishing Fins deliver the performance you deserve, for longer.

The fin rails are sold by the kit, which contains 8 pieces. Four of these are 33cm foot pocket rails whereas the other four are 38cm water channel rails.

Lastly, the rails will arrive with a bend – this is not an issue whatsoever as you will be glueing them onto your fins.

We recommend using super glue gel for the application, this is how we do it in the shop as well.

Ideally, you position the rails so they start where the tendons of the footpockets end. From there, they should continue all the way to the front end of the fin.


Features and Specifications:

  • Creates more effective fin strokes
  • Extends the lifetime of your fins
  • Set of 8 rails
  • 4 x 33cm Foot pocket rails.
  • 4 x 38cm Water channel rails.


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