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Rob Allen Gun Bungee

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Rob Allen Bungee for superior spearfishing. Cored through with 180kg soft weave Dyneema. Standard with Snap clip swivel attached.  Helps for faster reloading



: $25.00

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The Rob Allen Gun Bungee is fitted between the line and the speargun, designed to take the pressure off your rigging system when your catch runs.

Without a bungee, the impact of a fish causing tension can cause damage to your set-up and can result in a lost fish. The swivel design means that lateral tension is also relieved, giving you the best chance of securing your catch.

A gun Bungee will also make it easier to re-rig your shaft and line after shooting, by offering some stretch.


Features of the Rob Allen Gun Bungee:

  • 10mm rubber
  • Cored through with 180kg soft weave dyneema
  • Swivel snap clip attatched
  • Takes the shock out of the spear hitting the end of the shooting line
  • Reduces the shock loading of the flopper in hard fighting fish
  • Easy re-rig
  • Tidy shooting line
  • GTIN 9330181016578



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