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Rob Allen Dive Bag Tanker

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Rob Allen Dive Bag Tanker dive bag is designed to fit all of your dive gear in to, except your speargun




Rob Allen Dive Bag Tanker

The Rob Allen Dive Bag Tanker designed to fit all your dive gear in to, including your speargun and fins. It actually can fit up to two sets of spearing gear. Made from polyester with reinforced PVC, this bag is durable. It will last the test of time as it has double stitching on all seams.
It features a side pocket which is long enough to accommodate your spearfishing fins.
There is also a top pocket with mesh insert to hold smaller items. For example things that you don’t want to get lost in the larger pocket’s like your mask, anything wet.
The ultra durable dual lockable YKK zips are strong and can handle both the sea salt and sand. But, you must always clean out your bag and zips to help them last longer.
As with all your other diving gear, you should clean it after every use to help them last. But, the PVC helps making it a quick and easy job to do a great bag – enough room to carry all your stuff, and robust so it lasts.

Features and Specs:

  • Side pocket designed to accommodate fins
  • A top pocket to hold smaller items like your mask and a mesh insert to aid drying
  • Engineered from polyester reinforced PVC
  • Double stitching on all seams
  • Ultra durable dual lockable YKK zips
  • Dimensions (cm): 110 x 32 x 37

Available Colour:

  • Blue


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