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Rob Allen Drop Barb Spear

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Rob Allen Drop Barb Spear

A breakthrough in spearfishing, the Rob Allen Drop barb spear shaft will change how you hunt everything. From hard fighting reef fish to prize bluewater gamefish such as Marlin, Tuna and Wahoo.

You will have supreme accuracy with the point of aim being the same as your daily use Rob Allen straight shaft. Additionally, it improves holding power and also landing rate.  This is because the unique drop barb system auto releases after penetrating the fish. The barb is integrated to the shaft and therefore eliminating the need for threaded spears and expensive slip tips.

This piece is engineered from ultra-tough oil quenched carbon alloy spring steel. Tempered to 2100Mpa.  Rob Allen Spears are designed to fit all Euro gun mechanisms.


Key features:

  • – Hardened spring steel Rob Allen shaft
  • – Hand straightened and tuned
  • – High corrosion resistant coating
  • – Tricut integrated tip helps smash through scale and bone
  • – Auto release Stainless steel drop barb with rounded edges
  • – HD woven dyneema double line reduces load on the spear and barb and reduces tearing in the fish.


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Note: Due to this spear being over 1m in length, the total shipping rate will be $49 Australia wide.



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7.5mm x 1.3mt, 7.5mm x 1.4mt, 7.5mm x 1.5mm, 8mm 1.6mt, 8mm x 1.4mm, 8mm x 1.5, 8mm x 1.7mt, 8mm x 1.8mt


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