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Rob Allen Load Assist

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Rob Allen Load Assist

The Rob Allen Load Assist will make loading your speargun so much easier! It’s perfect for divers who struggle to load their speargun. It is ideal for anyone who uses roller head spearguns or big blue water cannons. 

The load assist will be extremely helpful when loading your speargun. It increases the length of the rubber giving you extra reach, perfect for someone who has an injury in their arm or shoulder and struggles with flexibility.

Finally, carrying it in the water is easy as well. Just roll it up your arm or clip onto your belt or float.



  • Helps you load roller guns or longer rail guns
  • Loading your speargun becomes quick and easy
  • Easy and simple to use while in the water
  • Light weight design is ideal for the travelling spearo
  • 14mm rubber
  • Dyneema bridle
  • Stainless steel loading hook


Place the load assist hook over the bridle of your speargun rubber and pull back on the load assist rubber and notch it.

Then grab the main band and load your gun.

The load assist will release naturally and will float to the surface where you can retrieve it.

It’s such a simple way of loading a powerful gun.


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