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Rob Allen Mahi Carbon Roller 90cm

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3 in stock


The Rob Allen Mahi Carbon Roller is a precision-engineered speargun designed for the avid hunter. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this powerful and sleek speargun combines cutting-edge technology with robust materials so to deliver an exceptional spearfishing experience.

The Mahi features a light weight and durable carbon barrel, thus providing buoyancy, strength, and improved accuracy under water. It comes with a roller muzzle, which results in minimised friction on the shooting line, as well as smoother and more accurate shots.

This speargun is set up with four ceramic bearings in order to ensure a smooth and efficient roller system for enhanced reliability. Powered by 14mm rubbers, the Mahi delivers potent thrust and speed. It is therefore an ideal choice for a range of spearfishing conditions.

The ergonomic Vecta 2 handle ensures a comfortable grip, promoting precise aiming and control while minimising fatigue during longer dives.

The Rob Allen Mahi Carbon Roller provides you with all the tools you need to hunt with the utmost precision. It’s not just a speargun; it’s a fusion of technology, design, and reliability.


Features of the Rob Allen Black Mahi Carbon Roller:

  • Carbon Barrel
  • Air Brushed Design
  • Rob Allen Roller Muzzle
  • 4X Ceramic Bearings
  • 14mm Rubbers
  • Dyneema Bridles
  • Vecta 2 Handle
  • Stainless Steel Line Release
  • Integrated Reel Adaptor
  • 7mm Notched Spring Steel
  • 1.9mm UHMPE Ant Line® 220kg



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