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Rob Allen Remora 35L Float

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Rob Allen Remora 35L Float

With 1.5ATM, the Rob Allen Remora 35L Float provides serious stopping power and a huge lift capacity. it will slow any big fish down and bringing them up so you won’t risk losing that once in a lifetime trophy fish. This makes the Remora ideal for Bluewater spearfishing, you can however just as well use it for in-shore spearfishing.

Its streamlined, torpedo like shape makes the Remora more hydrodynamic and thus easy to tow with little effort.


Huge lifting power, streamlined, travel-friendly

Plus, as it is inflatable, it’s not only much lighter to carry to and from the water, but also great for travel and storage. For easy inflation, use a standard car tyre inflation valve with a bicycle pump.

If you want to inflate it at a service station, be careful as those pressure pumps only check the pressure after adding air to your float and there’s a risk of over-pressurising it.

The Remora’s bright yellow and red colours maximise your visibility in the water, making your presence known to other divers and boats.

Either end of the float has a stainless longline clip fitted, for connecting to your bungees, float lines and stringers.

With its hard wearing reinforced vinyl shell  and integrated bladder, the Remora is built tough. It has an extremely long life expectancy and is made to last.


Rob Allen Remora 35L Float Features:

  • 1.5 bar rated
  • High visibility
  • Streamline design
  • Two longline clips
  • Heavy duty tire inflator valve
  • Inflatable, travel friendly design
  • Ideal for blue water game spearfishing





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