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Rob Allen Remora Float

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35 liter


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Rob Allen Remora Float

The Rob Allen Remora Float 35L basic float does not have a flag attachment point and keel weight pocket, they cannot be added later.

If you need a flag and keel weight, select this option before adding the float to the cart. The float will then come with a built-in flag attachment point, keel weight pocket, as well as a flag and keel weight.

Note: The keel weight is the same as the one that came with the old Rob Allen hard float, but the flag while very similar has smaller threading and is only compatible with the Remora float.

The Remora inflatable float in 35 liter capacity is the newest float from Rob Allen. It replaces all previous inflatable float models. Built tough and designed to last, the Rob Allen Remora inflatable floats are high quality floats with serious stopping power due to their big size and high buoyancy.

The Rob Allen inflatable float range has been regarded as the best in its class for many years, and when you have a look at them it’s easy to see why. Manufactured from a hard wearing reinforced vinyl shell and featuring a bladderless construction, they are ideal for big powerful fish such as Tuna, Kingfish, Mackerel and other large pelagics.

Enormous positive buoyancy and lift for slowing these big fish down and bringing them up so you won’t risk losing that once in a lifetime trophy fish. Included with the float are two stainless steel long line clips for connecting to your bungees, float lines and stringers.

One of the biggest advantages of this float is the convenience of being able to let the air out and pack the float down for travelling, which is ideal for the touring spearo where space is essential.

Rob Allen Remora Float Features:

  • Uses a standard car tire inflation valve for easy inflation with a bicycle pump.
  • The 35 liter float can be inflated to a pressure of 1.5 bar for huge lift capacity.
  • Ideal for blue water game fishing where maximum buoyancy is required.
  • High visibility yellow and red for increased diver safety and high visibility out on the water.
  • Inflatable design is convenient for travel and where space is at a minimum.
  • Streamlined torpedo design shape minimises resistance from wind and water making it easy to tow.
  • Bladderless construction.
  • Includes: 2 x Stainless steel long line clips for accessory mounting and rigging.



  • Fill to 1.5x standard atmosphere pressure (1.5atm)
  • 11Ltr size
  • Bicycle tyre inflator valve
  • Robust PVC outer shell
  • Hi-Vis Yellow for spotter safety

The Rob Allen Remora 11Ltr 1.5ATM Float (Inflatable) is ideal size for typical inshore spearfishing, inflatable for travel and storage and much lighter for carrying down the rocks.

You can also use it as additional buoyancy support in a Blue Water Hunting complete float system set-ups. This float has a long life expectancy, built tough and by the best: Rob Allen

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11lt, 35lt


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