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Rob Allen Roller Muzzle Kit

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Over 15% better performance than other roller heads on the market.


: $325.00

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The Rob Allen Roller Muzzle Kit gives over 15% better performances than other roller heads on the market. Rob Allen has spent over 2 years trialing and engineering this high-powered roller to ensure it’s perfect accuracy, high durability, and incredible power every time. There’s a reason Rob Allen products are so popular all over the world. This kit offers minimal recoil with maximum power to take a huge range of fish.


Full ceramic construction

The full ceramic bearing provides ultimate quality with the lowest friction co-efficient for smoother operation and longer life. Full ceramic bearings have both ceramic balls and races which reduces their weight if you compare them to hybrid bearings. They also roll faster due to smoother bearing races. Finally, they are more durable as they are less sensitive to moisture and require little to no lubrication.

  • oil-free self-lubricating properties
  • corrosion resistance
  • cold resistance
  • stress resistance to pressure

The anchor points are stainless steel, the rollers larger and super durable. As a result, they allow smoother bands control upon retraction while you enjoy minimal recoil.


Features of the Kit:

  • Ceramic Bearings
  • Stain Steel Anchor Points
  • Large Durable Rollers
  • Minimal Recoil
  • Smoother Band Control
  • Simple and Easy Reloading


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