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Rob Allen Scorpia MVD Roller

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Rob Allen Scorpia MVD Roller is customised in-store for maximum efficiency and power by our technicians at Diversworld. Dual rubbers and custom pre-tension.



The Rob Allen Scorpia MVD Roller is custom built ‘in store’ from a standard Rob Allen Scorpia and an MVD Compact roller head.
The workmanship in this hybrid takes place all in-house. First, we remove the standard muzzle and single rubber. Next, the MVD compact roller head is expertly fitted.  Following this, we attach a set of dual Rob Allen 16mm blue rubbers to our customer specific set pre tension.
This will help to maximise the balance for greatest power and comfortable loading effort.  Finally, we add easy load bridals to assist loading while you’re hunting.
Rob Allen built the Scorpia base platform with the same care and internal working parts as their other premium models. For instance, spearguns like the “Sparid” and “Tuna”. Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium, the barrel has a wall thickness of 1.45mm, with a glass-reinforced nylon mechanism .  Also, the gun comes with a solid 6.6mm spring steel spear.  In other words, if you want a tough and efficient speargun, then go no further!


  • New Rob Allen Vecta II handle – the strongest, smoothest firing handle on the market today.
  • 6.6mm double notched spring steel spear
  • Fully integrated rail barrel
  • Available in 90cm to 1.2m
  • Heavy-duty snap swivel speargun bungee

Vecta II Handle – stronger and tougher

  • Virtually unbreakable glass filled nylon body;
  • A solid laser cut 316 stainless sears for exceptional safety;
  • Top mounted safety easily deactivated using one hand and ultra comfy rubber grip.
  • Reel mount standard

This workmanship takes the Rob Allen Scorpia out of the entry-level zone and puts it right in contention with factory-built rollers.
Enjoyment guaranteed!


Available Lengths:

  • 900 (90cm)
  • 1000 (100cm)
  • 1100 (110cm)
  • 1200 (120cm)


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80, 90, 100, 110, 120


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