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Rob Allen Teaser

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Very popular with Blue Water Hunters. Stainless steel construction with heavy duty squid skirt for long life span.


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Rob Allen Teaser

Using a teaser is all about attracting and diverting attention, and the Rob Allen Spinner Teaser is among the best available.  Increases your likelihood of success by bringing in large pelagic fish.

A well-made Flasher will reflect light and create vibrations to compel a predator to alter its trajectory and inspect it. As a result, there are more opportunities to shoot fish when they pause to look at the flasher.. Due to the 360-degree flash effect while spinning, the Spinner Teaser is the finest option in clear waters.

The all new Rob Allen Flasher Float Winder has been manufactured with a highly buoyant polyurethane. This gives it a positive buoyancy and is brightly coloured for stand out on the surface.

Thanks to its compact size this float is easy to carry, easy to use and easy to travel with The Rob Allen Spinner Teaser is your best choice in clear waters due to it’s 360° flashing effect while spinning.



  • The Rob Allen Spinner Teaser is your best choice in clear waters
  • Designed to stimulate a predator by reflecting light and emitting vibrations when “worked” in the water
  • Irresistible to fish in clear waters due to 360° flash effect while spinning
  • Stainless steel construction for superior effectiveness and product longevity



  • 1.3m length
  • 720gms total weight


GTIN 9330181016417


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