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Rob Allen Vecta LP Reel w Blue Ant Line

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Including 40M Dyneema Ant Line. We’ll spool the line onto your reel in-store complimentary.




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Rob Allen Vecta LP Reel w Ant Line

The Rob Allen Vecta LP Reel will ensure that you never lose a fish again. The Vecta Low Profile Gun Reel is manufactured from 30% glass-filled nylon for durability and strength. Additionally, it has been reinforced with graphite filled acetyl bushes.  The resulting reel eliminates uneven sticking points commonly found on other brands of reels.

Furthermore, this reel has an adjustable drag feature with a stainless steel thread on the drag nut. Consequently, positive contact with your fish at all times is ensured. The Vecta Reel’s line guide also has a built-in stainless steel wear surface.  You can rest assured that your shooting line will run smoothly and never wear into the reels line guide.

In summary, this reel ensures many years of reliable service. Every component of the Vecta Low Profile has been built to stand up to immense pressure. It is complete with the reel bracket so that you can easily fit it onto any brand of railgun. Comes with stainless muzzle eye & installation screws and also dovetail bracket for easy installation and adaptability.


Including 40M Dyneema Ant Line:

The 40m braided Dyneema Ant Line has a 1.9mm thickness and a breaking strain of 180kg. Having a braided line increases stiffness and reduces tangling. It is a perfect pair to the Vecta Reel. We’ll spool the line onto your reel in-store complimentary.


These reels will ensure that you don’t miss landing that big fish, or lose your gun!



  • Constructed from 30% glass filled Nylon with Graphite filled acetyl bushes.
  • Stainless wear surface around the line lead
  • Line runs smoothly and will never wear into the reels line guide.
  • Stainless steel thread on the drag nut.
  • The entire reel only weighs 95g and does not affect a gun’s handling when in use.
  • Cut-outs assist with drying of line.
  • Built to hold 40m meters of 2mm line.
  • Dovetail bracket ensures easy removal




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