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Salvimar Max Reel

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  • High-quality, lightweight smooth reel
  • Fits with exclusively Salvimar spearguns


: $135.00


The Salvimar max reel is a high-quality lightweight smooth reel with drag. The front of the reel has a line guide that the line passes through as you wind or unwind it. This helps prevent the line from getting tangled. This makes winding the line easier and helps it spool back on the reel more neatly.

The reel has a simple designed clockwise/anti-clockwise drag system on it. Simply wind the drag down. This will apply more drag on the reel and slow the feed of line out. As a result, fish will use more energy and get tired faster.

The reel has cut out holes in the spool. The holes let air flow round the line when you spool it up. This helps the line dry out and not stay wet and damp so the line does not deteriorate.

The Max Reel exclusively fits with Salvimar spearguns.


Features of the Salvimar Max Reel:

  • 30% Fiberglass loaded nylon
  • Stainless steel axle with Delrin
  • Horizontal lightweight high strength spool
  • High-pressure smooth drag system
  • Compatible with all Salvimar spearguns
  • 75m x 1.5 mm


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