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Salvimar Trinity GoPro Mask

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Salvimar Trinity GoPro Mask has a camera mount which allows you to connect your camera directly onto your mask has an ultra low internal volume


: $129.00


Salvimar Trinity GoPro Mask

The Salvimar Trinity mask is perfect for freediving, spearfishing, snorkelling and scuba diving. The built on action camera mount allows you to connect your camera directly onto your mask. This makes the camera more secure. It also prevents it moving around as much when compared to using camera head strap mounts.

When using the camera mount, the camera will record and show your friends and family exactly what you see from your point of view underwater.

The Salvimar Trinity mask itself has a low internal volume which in turn helps minimise the effort when you are equalising underwater. Due to the low internal volume, the lenses are situated close to your eyes which in turn provides a greater unobstructed view.

The mask has easy to adjust mask strap buckles on either side of the mask. This makes adjusting your mask strap extremely easy even while wearing dive gloves.


Features of the Salvimar Trinity GoPro Mask

  • Built on action camera attachment
  • High-quality antiallergenic silicone
  • Soft silicone skirt for a perfect seal
  • Twin tempered glass lenses
  • Ultra low internal volume
  • Increased field of view





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