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Salvimar Velcro Strap Knife Holder

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  • Elastic Band
  • Low Profile Velcro
  • 5cm Width


: $29.00


Salvimar Velcro Strap Knife Holder

The Salvimar Velcro Strap Knife Holder is an elastic band to hold your spearfishing knife securely to your arm.

This is a really popular place to mount your knife. Many believe the safest and easiest position to have a knife when spearfishing. After all, you do need both hands free while spearfishing. Yet, you want to be able to quickly reach your knife when you need it.

The elastic band with low profile velcro fastening strap has a width of 5cm. It can be used with many spearfishing knives and sheaths.

That’s why Salvimar’s elastic band knife holder is the perfect accessory for any spearo.


GTIN: 8057685556355


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