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Scuba Tank Valve

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Scuba Tank Valve

Our Scuba Tank Valve is a heavy duty tank valve for use on cylinders that have 3/4 -14 NPSM thread. It is a Din/Yoke compatible valve.


DIN Screw Thread Connectors — The regulator screws into the cylinder valve. Trapping the O-ring between the sealing face of the valve and the O-ring groove in the regulator. These are more reliable than A-clamps because the O-ring is well protected.
Some countries do not use DIN fittings on compressors or cylinders. So a diver travelling abroad with a DIN system may need to take an adaptor. Either for connecting the DIN regulator to a rented cylinder or for connecting an A-clamp filler hose to a DIN cylinder valve.


A-clamp or Yoke Connectors — The connection on the regulator surrounds the valve pillar. It presses the output O-ring of the pillar valve against the input seat of the regulator. This is a CGA 850 yoke connection. The yoke screws down snug by hand. The seal happens when the O-ring clamps between the surface of the regulator and valve.
When the valve opens, cylinder pressure expands the O-ring. Insufficient clamping force may allow the pressure to extrude the O-ring between the valve and regulator faces. This may result in a leak.
This type of connection is simple, cheap and used worldwide. It has a largest pressure rating of 232 bar. The weakest part of the seal, the O-ring, is not well protected from over pressurisation.


We strongly recommend DIN connectors, as they are safer, which is why they are almost always used by technical divers.



  • DIN and Yoke Compatible
  • Electroplated Brass Coating
  • 3/4-14 NPSM Thread
  • Dip Tube/Valve Snorkel

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DIN or Yoke

DIN, Yoke


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