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Silicone Grease Tub 10ml

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Non petroleum based, safe to use on rubber.


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Silicone Grease Tub 10ml

All dive stores and dive professionals know the importance of silicone grease when it comes to diving equipment. Your regulator uses quite a number of rubber o-rings that needs greasing. And it’s also an essential part of your spearfishing spare parts kit.

The Silicone Grease Tub 10ml is practical on many of them as a protectant and a lubricant. This helps to greatly reduce the wear and tear. You can bet that any dive store that services dive equipment will have silicone grease in their service area.

Silicone grease has a wide variety of applications. Use it to condition and lubricate o-rings on camera/video housings and o-rings on battery compartments of dive computers. You can also use it for rubber coated regulator and BCD hoses to help keep them supple and to reduce cracking.


Great Mask Seal with a Moustache or Beard:

If you’ve been using petroleum based gel like Vaseline to seal your mask, note that this can cause the mask skirt to deteriorate faster since the petroleum interacts with the silicone of the skirt.

Silicone Grease however does not have this effect and also works very well to create a great mask seal for those of us who refuse to shave off their moustaches before diving.

It is food grade, hypoallergenic silicones and safe to use on silicone mask skirts.

Dabbing a little bit on the moustache before donning the mask really will help.

When using the grease, it should be noted that a little bit goes a long way. This is why we offer this 10ml tub to add to your scuba spare parts kit.

Our silicone grease is non petroleum based which makes it safe to use on any rubber – be aware that products such as WD-40 and CRC do include petroleum and will degrade the rubber and make it porous over time.


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