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Silicone Mask Strap Black

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  • Oceanic Shadow Series
  • Rob Allen Snapper Evo
  • Rob Allen Trevally



Ensure your diving gear is fail-proof by keeping an extra Black Silicone Mask Strap in your dive bag. Crafted from 100% super-soft silicone, this durable strap promises longevity if rinsed properly after each use.

This Mask Strap is also not just a backup; it’s a versatile solution. Specifically designed to fit popular masks like the Oceanic Shadow Series, Rob Allen Snapper Evo, and Rob Allen Trevally, this strap ensures a snug and secure fit.

Keep your dive seamless by having this strap in your kit, ready to adapt to various mask models for a worry-free underwater experience.

Don’t let a broken strap ruin your dive—whether it’s for you or a buddy, having a reliable backup is essential for uninterrupted underwater adventures. Always be prepared with the Black Silicone Mask Strap, your go-to for compatibility and reliability. Dive with confidence, knowing you’re always prepared.


Fits the following masks:


GTIN 9330181019036


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