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Slippy Dry Wetsuit Lube

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  • 150g powdered lubricant for dilution
  • Makes up to 16L wetsuit lubricant
  • Prevents microbial infections
  • Skin friendly
  • Perfect for travel


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Slippy Dry Wetsuit Lube

Quality stuff!! Slippy Dry Wetsuit Lube is a powder concentrate for making a slippery viscous wetsuit lubricant and putting on and taking off of open-cell and smooth skin wetsuits with ease.

Wetsuit lubricant prepared with Slippy  is 99.1% water of your choosing. The 150g unit will make 16 liters of very slippery wetsuit lubricant. Slippy is repeatable and you can also custom mix to meet your lubing needs. It can be prepared in less than minute, making the donning on of your wetsuit as pleasant an experience as possible.

This powder concentrate is a blend of non-toxic, pharma-grade PEG of Western European origin.

Slippy does not interact with your skin’s natural state and won’t oil nor dry your skin. Rather, it prevents microbial infections in two ways:

  1. It does not “wet” the water so that it is able to penetrate into the hair follicles, it does the opposite, it thickens the water so that it is even more difficult to penetrate the hair follicles.
  2. It provides no energy (food) source for bacteria (unlike shampoo or conditioner which are rich in oils and organic acids) thus making a bacterial bloom unlikely in your suit. It is however biodegradable if other energy sources are present and contains no micro plastics.


How to prepare Slippy Lube

Please prepare only what you need for the next 48hours.  You can freeze and microwave Slippy if there is some left over.  It does not support microbial life so it should not go off but microbes are amazing and can adapt to use it as food source.

Slippy can be prepared with sea water, hard water, hot and cold water.  You will just need more and it might affect the viscosity.

Fill a 2 litre plastic water bottle with 1 litre of clean water and add 2 teaspoons of Slippy powder or 9 grams if you have a scale that can measure that.
Shake for about 30 seconds until water starts to appear viscous.  It is now ready to use.

But if you need less, use less, if you need more, use more.  It is versatile in the way that the user decides the lubrication they need.

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Q: Why not just use shampoo or a conditioner instead?
A: Shampoos and conditioners regularly contains non-biodegradable components and components that are toxic to the marine environment.  They are after all not made for putting on a wetsuit or prolonged exposure to your skin. Make the right choice for the environment you are part of, use Slippy.

Q: What will happen if I ingest Slippy?
A: Slippy is made from ingredients certified and originally intended for human consumption.
That being said, it could have a laxative effect and we therefore suggest you seek medical advice.

Q: Is Slippy dangerous in any way?
A: Yes.  If discarded onto hard walking surfaces it poses a slipping risk.
Be careful where you discard your Slippy after use.

Q: How do I get Slippy off myself?
A: A rub down with a towel will suffice and Slippy is highly water soluble so a simple rinse will remove it.

Q: Will Slippy stain fabric or leave a residue?
A: Stain no, leave a residue, likely in most cases.

Q: Can I mix an antiseptic with Slippy?
A: Yes, Slippy works with a wide range of antiseptics.  Be careful to follow the instructions of the antiseptic and remember that if you are going to be exposed to the antiseptic for prolonged periods of time you could be affected differently from short exposures.



  • 150g powdered lubricant for dilution
  • Makes up to 16L wetsuit lubricant
  • Prevents microbial infections
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Perfect for travel
  • GTIN 9330181080807


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The best way to put on your wetsuit, for nature, is to use water from the body of water you are about to dive into.  This is not always possible for a number of reasons.  Slippy aims to fill that gap.  It is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. Safe for marine organisms and does not build up in nature.


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