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Snorkel Keeper Clear Silicone

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Another essential for your Save-Your-Dive-Kit


9 in stock


Snorkel Keeper Clear Silicone

The Snorkel Keeper in Clear Silicone is something that you should always have in you spare dive kit. This small silicone 8 figure item could save you spearing or snorkeling session from ending.

Eventually, snorkel keepers that come with a snorkel go brittle and break if not looked after. Imagine you are having a beautiful day out snorkeling and your snorkel keeper snaps. If you have one of these silicone snorkel keepers in your spare kit, you can just pop it on and continue your adventures.

This snorkel keeper suits every type of snorkel as it is flexible and can stretch to suit most sizes.

Also available in black.

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Black, Clear


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