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Ultimate Spectra Slip Tips

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Ultimate Spectra Slip Tips

The Ultimate Spectra Slip Tips are extremely strong sliptips. Designed to tackle big fish!

These slip tips are exceptionally well made. Because this design works so great, plenty of spearos have landed very big fish with them.

They offer great penetration, whether it’s a 40-lb fish or 200-lb+ tuna.



  • Affordable slip tip that stacks up to the competition
  • Great penetration and holding power
  • Toggles in fish without full penetration
  • Fluted body
  • Tri-cut dip
  • Holds up to 900 lbs
  • Made from 304 stainless steel.


How to Splice A Spectra Slip Tip:

Gather all of the materials and tools listed below. You will also need to cut away the old spectra from the slip tip and remove the slide ring from the spectra.


Items Needed:
  • 48” of Hollow Core Spectra
  • Slip Tip Head
  • Slide Ring
  • Splicing Tool
  • Cutting Tool (Razor or Scissors) 


Steps to Re-Rig your Spectra Slip Tip:
  1. Slide one end of the 48” of hollow core spectra through the post within the slip tip.
    From there, bring the two ends of the spectra together.
    Pull the slip tip head to the halfway point of the spectra.
  2. Then, gently push the tip into the center of the hollow core spectra, using your splicing tool.
    Work the tool up all the way to the slip tip head, keeping the splicing tool within the spectra the entire way.
  3. Once you’ve got the splicing tool halfway through the spectra, where the slip tip head is, push it out of the spectra, so it essentially forms the eye of a needle.
    Take the opposite end of the spectra and thread it through the eye of the splicing tool.
    Pull the other end of the splicing tool and pull the end of the spectra through the core of the hollow core spectra.
    Once it is through, pull the inner core tight and remove as much slack as possible from the outer spectra.
    The inner spectra should be a little longer than the outer spectra.
  4. Pull the outer core of the spectra a couple of centimetres back on the inner core of the spectra, and cut the inner core of spectra at that point.
    Once again, pull as much of the slack as possible out of the spectra from the slip tip head down to the tail end of the spectra.
    At this point, carefully slide your slide ring onto the tail end of the spectra.
    Pull the slide ring all the way up to the slip tip head.
    Once again pull all the slack out of the outer core of spectra.
  5. At this point we need to tie a Double Overhand Stopper Knot.
    The knot needs to incorporate the inner core of spectra.
    To see it demonstrated properly please view the video.

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9/32", 5/16"


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