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Wishbone Bridle Heavy Duty

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Wishbone Bridle Heavy Duty –

  • High quality stainless steel bridle
  • Heavy duty brass ends
  • Fit all types and sizes rubber
  • Long lasting


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Wishbone Bridle Heavy Duty

High quality stainless steel bridle with heavy duty brass ends.  Fit all types and sizes rubber.
The bridles are heavy duty and long lasting.


What are Bridles for?

Speargun bridles and wishbones are an essential for a rubber powered speargun. The wishbone slips into the small hole at the end of your rubber and secures in place with a simple constrictor knot. This means when you pull your rubbers back to load your gun, the wishbone stays in place.

The bridle is the piece which sits in the notch of your speargun shaft, holding your loaded rubbers in place until you pull the trigger. Bridles made from dyneema or wire.


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