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Zeagle Envoy II Occy

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The Zeagle Envoy II Occy is a high-performance regulator. It offers advanced free flow control for a reliable and smooth diving experience.

Designed for divers seeking both quality and affordability, the Envoy II Octopus features the same internal components as the ZX 2nd stage, ensuring exceptional performance underwater.

While it lacks the adjustment knob and heat exchanger, it features a crucial Venturi Control Lever. This lever allows divers to set the octopus 2nd stage in the Pre-Dive position, providing enhanced resistance to Venturi-Free-flows that can result in significant air loss during a dive.

With the Envoy II Occy, you can dive with confidence and peace of mind. Its innovative Venturi Control Lever ensures optimal air delivery and prevents unnecessary free flows, ensuring a steady and controlled airflow when you need it most. The octopus comes with a vibrant yellow cover and a 36″ hose, providing visibility and easy manoeuverability underwater.

Built with reliability in mind, the Envoy II Octopus features a downstream valve and a balanced diaphragm, delivering consistent performance in various diving conditions. Its lightweight design, weighing just 0.54 lb (0.26 kg) without the hose, minimises diver fatigue and allows for effortless handling. The 30-inch (0.76 m) hose offers convenient reach and flexibility during your dives.

Materials used in the construction of the second stage ensure durability and comfort. The flexible thermoplastic cover, thermoplastic case, elastomer poppet seat, Buna-N O-rings, elastomeric polymer diaphragm, elastomer exhaust valve, and silicone mouthpiece all contribute to the overall reliability and functionality of the Envoy II Octopus.

Experience high-performance diving with the Zeagle Envoy II Octopus. With its advanced features and durable construction, this octopus regulator is the ideal companion for any dive, providing you with a reliable and controlled air supply when you need it most.



  • Downstream valve
  • Balanced Diaphragm
  • Dive/Pre Dive Venturi Control
  • Weight: .54 lb. (.26 kg) ( w/o hose)
  • Hose Length: 30 in. (.76 m)
  • Second Stage Materials Cover:
  • Flexible Thermoplastic
  • Case: Thermoplastic
  • Poppet Seat: Elastomer
  • O-rings: Buna-N
  • Diaphragm: Elastomeric Polymer
  • Exhaust Valve: Elastomer
  • Mouthpiece: Silicone

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