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DiversWorld has joined forces with Spearfishing Australia to offer you even more top quality spearfishing and freediving gear for competitive prices.

While we have most items in stock, you can now also shop the extended range of products through our partner sites.

PS. We also offer servicing of all products we sell, you can bring your gear in to our shop in Cairns or message us to mail it.

Cheers, Team Diversworld


Spearfishing Australia

Spearfishing Australia is a unique collective of active enthusiasts, industry influencers and retail partners with an unmatched level of product knowledge and spearfishing expertise, committed to working together to provide a level of excellence in product, service and your underwater experience, unmatched by any in the industry. It aims to offer the best retail outlets with superior product support and brand knowledge.

Diversworld has recently partnered with Spearfishing Australia to be able to offer you an extended range of spearfishing and freediving equipment through their website.

This ultimately provides you with peace of mind, whether you are choosing to purchase products, looking for servicing your gear or jumping in the water on your next freediving or spearfishing adventure.


While we do strive to offer you as many brands and ranges as possible,  our capacities aren’t limitless – we only have so much space to keep items in stock, and cannot compete with some of the larger suppliers with bigger buying powers.

By partnering up with Spearfishing Australia, we now have the ability to offer you exactly this: more brands, and the extended range of equipment we already have available in our Cairns store as well as online, making us your one stop shop for everything you’ll ever need in the water.


This partnership works in two ways. Spearfishing Australia connects all partners directly to the supplier/manufacturer. If you came to shop through one of the links on Diversworld.com.au, Diversworld will be shown as the retail partner upon checkout automatically; alternatively you will see a list of partners for you to select Diversworld as your preferred partner.

At the checkout you can also select to have your purchase sent to you directly, or if you prefer, have it all sent to us at 1/90 Aumuller Street, Cairns 4870 and collect your items from the store, assembled and ready to use.


For many years, the Spearfishing Australia Partner group has been instrumental in growing the brands and product ranges sold across their website, so unlike many other brands in the recreational spearfishing and freediving industry that choose to directly oversell their dealers, this website is actually a sales support tool and shared commerce platform for Diversworld as their Retail Partner.

So when purchasing products through the Spearfishing Australia website, you are purchasing brands from the actual Authorised Selling Agent and a Premium Partner of the shared commerce program.

Along with supporting your local watersports industry, you are also selecting a Partner who is empowered to offer a level of after sales service to back-up your purchase, superior to any other. Very few other store across the globe have access to support programs like the Lifetime Warranty and the 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Should you ever have product concerns post sale, or a warranty claim, both Spearfishing Australia and Diversworld are here for your support. Proper rigging specifications, care and maintenance are crucial in this sport and our team at Diversworld is fully trained by the highest qualified industry specialists to offer you unrivalled support in this area.


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