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Aqualung Micromask X

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4 in stock


The Aqualung Micromask X features a revolutionary mask design that positions the lenses within your ocular orbit (the natural facial recesses of the eyes). This results in significantly improved peripheral vision and an incredibly low internal volume. Plus, patented Micromask technology reduces frame bulk for a low profile, reducing drag.

The use of a single-piece lens, skirt, and frame allows the lenses to be placed close to the face for vastly improved field of view.

This mask is quick and easy to clear, and you’ll hardly feel any upward pull. Its compact shape reduces drag and improves stability, especially beneficial when diving in strong currents.

The joints between the mask and strap rotate in both vertical and horizontal directions for a customised, pinch-free fit.

Counterposed push-button activation makes strap adjustments fast and holds the strap securely in place once set. Easy to use, even while wearing gloves.

The wide headpiece on the Teknika’s silicone strap conforms to your head to ensure a comfortable, secure fit.
High-grade silicone facial skirt flexes to mold naturally along the contours of your face for a comfortable, leak-free seal.

For your safety and the mask’s longevity, the lenses are made of tempered glass to guard against cracks and shattering, even under pressure and stress. Meets ANSI standards.


Features of the Aqualung Micromask X:

  • Patented Technology
  • Low-Volume, Dual-Lens Design
  • Cardanic Joint Buckles
  • Push-Button Strap Security
  • Superior Headpiece Fit
  • Natural Skirt Fit
  • Tempered Glass Lenses


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