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Diversworld 1.8mm 400lb Mono Pack

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Diversworld 1.8mm 400lb Mono Pack. This Diversworld 1.8mm Mono is durable 400lb shooting line, ideal for everyday spearfishing requirements.


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Diversworld 1.8mm 400lb Mono Pack

This Diversworld 1.8mm 400lb Mono Pack is a very durable high abrasive shooting line, ideal for everyday spearfishing requirements.

Crimps included in pack are DiversWorld 2.2mm copper crimps.

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Available in:

  • 10m w/ 6 crimps
  • 15m w/ 6 crimps
  • 20m w/ 12 crimps


Tips On Crimping Mono

Never crimp the sleeves at the ends of the metal.

Only make your loop as small as it needs to be. The smaller the loop the weaker the connection becomes over time. Not a big deal if you change shooting line very often. I usually change mine after every day of diving.

DO NOT OVER CRIMP SLEEVES!!! Over crimping is one of the main malfunctions with these type connections.   A properly crimped connection with the right sleeve can retain over 90% of the line’s original actual break limit.

For mono line double barrel type sleeves are far superior if crimped properly.

Burning the end from the tip down should be standard practice when crimping. Do not burn/heat the line other than at the VERY tip. You will weaken the burnt bulb and it will break off if tested (when you need it most after the mono stretches and slips in the sleeve).

I leave about 1/16″ of the tag end out. It allows you to check for slippage after landing a big fish. If the burnt bulb is butted up against the crimp you need to change it out. Not possible when diving but at least you know that it slipped in case you shoot another big fish.

Chafing gear is good on the loop especially if the hardware is rough. Just remember that if the loop is small be very careful and don’t assume that it’s good to go if its been on there for a while.

I personally like aluminum sleeves on mono. They are a little more forgiving when crimping mono. Good quality aluminum sleeves also have soft rounded edges as opposed to most crimps that are sharp on the inside edge.

DO NOT use aluminum on cable; it will slip if really tested. The aluminum is too soft for cable.

Additional information

Pack Size

10m(6 crimps), 20m(12 crimps), 15m(6 crimps)


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