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Diversworld 1.8mm Mono Per Metre

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Diversworld 2mm mono per metre

Diversworld 1.8mm Mono Per Metre is thicker for greater strength tenacity for spearfishing larger fish. 400lb breaking strain




Diversworld 1.8mm Mono 400lb Per Metre

This Monofilament Shooting Line is a 1.8mm diameter quality mono-filament line with 400lb breaking strain.   The Diversworld 1.8mm mono 400lb per metre line is of highest quality made mono filament with low stretch, high tenacity. Thicker diameter for greater strength and tenacity for larger fish and contact with the bottom. It is also good for easier handling.

  • 1.8mm thick mono filament shooting line
  • 400lb breaking strain
  • High quality mono filament
  • Thicker for greater strength & tenacity
  • Easier handling larger diameter


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