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Diversworld Mask Tamer

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DiversWorld Mask Tamer is fantastic for any mask! It will stop the silicone/rubber mask band from getting caught in your hair.




Diversworld Mask Tamer

The Diversworld Mask Tamer is the perfect accessory for your mask. It not only holds your mask in place securely, it does it with comfort and ease!

Simply swap it for your silicone or rubber mask band and pull the velcro straps to adjust the length.

Having a mask tamer behind your mask will stop the standard silicone/rubber mask band from rubbing on your head or getting caught in your hair – an is an issue for anyone with slightly longer hair. It also makes it a breeze to slide your mask on and off without pulling  your hair. Having a mask tamer also stops any rubbing on your head, so you can dive with ease and comfort.

A tamer covers a bigger area and wraps around your head. This makes it it a lot more comfortable for the wearer and secures your mask in place.

This tamer comes in several great colours which will make you stand out from the rest, make it easier seeing which mask is yours, and be easily recognised by your dive buddies in the water!

You can use it with masks from any brand and any mask, and you can also remove it easily if you needed to put it on another mask or swap it with a different colour for the day!

Diversworld Mask Tamer colours are pink, blue and black. All with white stitching. A practical everyday diving accessory that you can personalise with a choice of colour!

It’s also suitable for Kids Masks, Smaller traditional Mask Straps and even Swim Goggles.

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Black, Blue, Pink


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