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Hollis Omni Swivel

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The Hollis Omni Swivel allows you to move the regulator into many more positions than otherwise allowable with a standard hose, maximising diver comfort.



Hollis Omni Swivel

The Hollis Omni Swivel will give the diver maximum comfort, and minimise jaw fatigue.   Increase the flexibility of using your regulator. A Hollis Omni Swivel allows you to move the regulator into more positions.  Than otherwise allowable with a standard hose. Making it much more comfortable in the mouth.  This highly sought after accessory for cave, tec, side mount, commercial and crayfish divers.


The Hollis Omni Swivel designed for low pressure hoses and is used on standard rubber hoses. It can be also used with the newer light weight mesh wrapped low pressure hoses. Needless to say, being a Hollis product, it is built for long life and reliable dependability. This swivel is compatible with most brands of regulators on the market.


Some tips for dive hose fitting:

Whenever working with scuba hoses and fittings, always use the proper tools and proper size wrenches. This will prevent galling or scratching from the wrench. When removing or installing hoses onto the first stage regulator.  Please support the first stage lightly in a soft-jawed vice to hold it securely.

Regulator manufacturers use different sized screw threads when connecting all of the hoses to their first stages.  This is so nobody can accidentally attach a low pressure hose to a high pressure port, and damage their regulators.

Before installing a hose in the first stage, make sure it is the correct hose. (either high or low pressure) Install it only in its correct port in the regulator (often labelled “HP” or “LP” accordingly).

As many regulator parts are made out of marine grade brass, which is quite a soft metal, attempting to screw two different threads together can damage the threads.   Which can be very expensive to fix, or in most cases replace.

Installing a dive hose properly:

When installing a hose properly, it should go all the way to the O-ring by hand easily.   And then be tightened with a wrench the rest of the way.

If there is any resistance at all, the threads should be checked immediately. Hoses and blanking plugs only need to be screwed in with 5 Nm of Torque.  Which is just over hand tight, too much force and you can strip the threads.

We always recommend that for reasons of safety.  That all hoses are only changed and fitted by a competent person and would suggest that this is done for you at your local dive store and/or diving service centre.

We offer this suggestion and recommendation, as we only wish for you to gain maximum benefit from your dive hoses.  Sometimes the fitting of hoses requires specific tools and torque levels to prevent potential and unnecessary damage to your equipment.

All hoses with O-ring seals only have a torque requirement of circa 5 Nm and please be aware that over tightening could potentially cause damage to your equipment and hose fittings.


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