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Hollis SPG Module

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Easy readability with its luminescent faceplate.


: $189.00

SKU: hl204.2309.07-1 Categories: , , Tags: ,


Experience solid and reliable pressure monitoring with the Hollis SPG Module, designed to withstand the demands of diving. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced technical diver, this gauge is an excellent choice as a primary or backup pressure gauge.

With its luminescent faceplate, the Hollis SPG ensures easy readability even in low-light or night diving conditions. You can trust that your pressure readings will be clear and visible, keeping you informed throughout your dive.

The gauge module comes standard with an Air spool and Viton O-ring, providing a secure and airtight connection. This ensures accurate pressure measurements and reliable performance underwater.

Engineered to be oxygen cleaned, the Hollis SPG Module meets the necessary standards for use with enriched air or other gas mixtures. It allows you to explore different diving configurations with confidence.

The pressure gauge features a range of 0-360 Bar, thus providing you with accurate readings to monitor your tank pressure effectively. You can easily track your air consumption and plan your dives accordingly.

Constructed with a chrome-plated brass housing and a scratch-resistant tempered glass lens, this gauge is built to withstand the rigours of diving. Its robust design ensures durability and long-lasting performance in demanding underwater environments.

The Hollis SPG Module is compact and lightweight with a 2″ size, making it easy to incorporate into your diving gear configuration. Whether as your primary gauge or backup instrument, it offers convenience and reliability.



  • Solid and compact brass construction for durability.
  • Luminescent faceplate for easy readability in low-light or night diving.
  • Air spool and Viton O-ring for a secure and airtight connection.
  • Oxygen cleaned for compatibility with enriched air and gas mixtures.
  • 0-360 Bar range for accurate pressure monitoring.
  • Chrome-plated brass housing and scratch-resistant tempered glass for durability.
  • Compact 2″ size for easy integration into your diving setup.
  • GTIN 020545200987


Trust the Hollis SPG Module to provide you with accurate and reliable pressure readings during your dives. Whether you’re exploring new depths or enjoying recreational dives, this pressure gauge will be your reliable companion underwater.


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