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Mares Jax Mouldable Mouthpiece

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A customisable mouthpiece designed to offer a personalised fit like no other.

  • Soft silicone
  • Moulds to any jaw bite
  • Fits most regulators



The Mares Jax Mouldable Mouthpiece allows you to mould your mouthpiece to fit your mouth and teeth perfectly. Created because every mouth bite is different and not everyone is comfortable with the standard silicone mouthpiece on regulators.

You simply immerse the Jax in boiling water for a 15 seconds, pop it in your mouth and bite down on it. The silicone will mould to your exact bite, thus making it super comfortable. The Jax can be fitted on most regulators

Another reason the Jax is so popular is because many divers get jaw fatigue when the mouthpiece doesn’t fit right. so the new Mares Jax mouthpiece is perfect as it can be customised to fit you perfectly. It is easily attached by a small zip-tie, so if you upgrade for change you gear, you can take your mouthpiece with you. EASY!


Features of the Mares Jax Mouldable Mouthpiece:

  • Soft silicone
  • Moulds to any jaw bite
  • Fits most regulators
  • Includes zip-tie


GTIN: 76822529993

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