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Ocean Hunter Chameleon Core3

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Ocean Hunter Chameleon Core3 Ocean Hunter have newly released the Ocean Hunter Chameleon Core-3 spearfishing steamer wet suit. A 1 piece 3mm

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Ocean Hunter Chameleon Core3

Ocean Hunter have newly released the Ocean Hunter Chameleon Core3 spearfishing steamer wet suit. A one piece, 3mm wet suit, with dual camouflage designed specifically for Australian waters.

The idea of the camouflage is to become invisible underwater, if the fish see you it can definitely spook them and they will not come in so close. When stalking a fish on the bottom of the ocean, laying flat in green camo, you will be invisible.

Being 3mm, it is perfect for majority of the year, however in winter a thin vest may be needed for extra warmth. The Chameleon Core 3 has a back zipper with Velcro closure, flat lock stitching and hard wearing knee pads. It also comes equipped with a loading pad on the chest for greater comfort and protection when loading spear guns on the chest


Ocean Hunter Chameleon Core3 Features:

  • 3mm 1 piece rear zip with ‘Velcro’ closure
  • Outer Material: Standard Flex Nylon
  • Inner Material: Standard Flex Nylon
  • Flat lock Stitching
  • Includes Custom non-slip chest loading pad
  • High wear knee pads


After every use, you will need to clean your wet suit to get rid of the sea salt and sand. If it is not cleaned correctly it will deteriorate and the zipper could seize up due to the sand.

You can purchase wet suit wash from us at DivesWorld which you mix with water and clean your wet suit in. The sooner after your dive, then better. Try not leave it a few days before you get around to doing it.

A great way is to fill the bath tub up when you get home from your dive, add the wet suit wash and your wet suit and give it a through clean. Hang on a wet suit hanger to drip dry ready for your next dive.


Sizes + GTINs:

S – 9330181024122

M – 9330181024139

M/L – 9330181024481

L – 9330181024146

XL – 9330181024153

XXL – 9330181024160

3XL – 9330181024597


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3XL, L, M, M/L, S, XL, XXL


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