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Ocean Hunter HS Weight Belt Blue

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HS – High Stretch quality rubber.

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Ocean Hunter HS Weight Belt

The all new Ocean Hunter HS Weight Belt which features quality blue rubber that offers High Stretch for improved diver comfort.  Also allowing for compensation due to wetsuit compression at depth. The belt is available in four colours.  It comes standard with the popular Marseille type buckle with an offset pin.  This to ensure a quick release is achieved if required.

Having a colourful weight belt is practical in several ways. If you have several wetties to dive with, or switch between fresh and salt water, you’ll also have to adjust your weights. With color coded belts, you can set one up each to just quickly grab them on the way out.

Another benefit is that you’ll immediately know which one’s yours when you’re spearfishing or freediving with your mates. Thus, you are less likely to mix your belt up with theirs, and won’t have to swap in the water, while holding your speargun on top of all that.



  • High Stretch quality rubber improves diver comfort.
  • Also ensures the belt depth compensates to remain firm on the diver throughout the dive
  • Stainless steel Marseille buckle with offset pin to ensure a quick release if required




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Black, Blue, Red, White


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