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Oceanpro Grommet Steamer

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The Oceanpro Grommet Steamer is great for snorkelling, surfing or warm water scuba diving.

  • Designed based on direct feedback from kids
  • Extremely visible in the water


: $109.00

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The Oceanpro Grommet Steamer is great for snorkelling, surfing or warm water scuba diving.

The 3mm neoprene keeps the boys warm and protected from the elements of water and sun.

The Grommet is the most fun wetsuit on the market, designed based on direct feedback from kids. It’s extremely visible in the water.

The perfect wetsuit for your little grommet.


Oceanpro Grommet Steamer Features:

  • Feather-lite 3 mm neoprene watersports steamer wetsuit
  • High 4-way stretch neoprene for unrestricted movement
  • Offers thermal and UV protection
  • Smoothskin neck seal minimises water flow
  • Smoothskin outer panels reduce wind chill factor
  • Ankle zip allows easy access to wetsuit
  • Safety visible arm for emergency
  • Superior ergonomic cut to fit male and female body types

Available sizes +GTINs:

  • 4 – 9330181031083
  • 6 – 9330181031090
  • 8 – 9330181031106
  • 10 – 9330181031113
  • 12 – 9330181031120
  • 14 – 9330181031304


Wetsuit Care:

  1. Wash your wetsuit: After any dive session, soak your wetty in cold or lukewarm water for half an hour. Turn it inside out and soak it for another half hour. Add either wetsuit shampoo or a bit of baking soda to prevent the neoprene from taking on any odours. Using a toothbrush, scrub any zippers and velcro patches during the soak. Also work the zipper up and down to remove any dirt. After soaking, rinse the wetsuit well before hanging it up for drying.
  2. Wetsuit storage: Hang your wetsuit out of direct sunlight. Once dry on the outside, turn it inside out and repeat. Store the wetsuit on the hanger or loosely folded in a dry place where the temperature is consistent and fairly cool (so not the boot of your car…).

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10, 12, 14, 4, 6, 8


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