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Rob Allen Semi-Open Muzzle

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Rob Allen Semi-Open Muzzle for divers who prefer an open-muzzle with all the low profile benefits of the closed muzzle.


38 in stock


The Rob Allen Semi-Open Muzzle is the end of the speargun holding and supporting the spear when loaded in the gun. This muzzle holds the spear in place when loaded into the mechanism and guides it when shooting. It is a low-profile design that allows more manoeuvrability in the water when turning.
The muzzle made of 30% glass-reinforced nylon with an internal spigot and outer skirt for extra strength. It can accommodate twin rubbers if you desire more power. The primary rubber is still parallel to the spear and has a d-shackle attachment point if you want to put a reel on the gun.
This muzzle is smaller in profile than conventional muzzles, making it easier to manoeuvre as the drag is dramatically reduced. The skirt also reduces stress concentration when fitted to carbon barrels. Divers can view and track fast-moving fish with ease.
Rob Allen already produces some of the best muzzles currently on the market. While the basic design of the muzzle remains somewhat the same, a few modifications result in the muzzle being even more user-friendly and efficient. The semi-open muzzle makes tracking fish and aiming much more effortless and reduces the chances of muzzle wraps.


Features of the Rob Allen Semi-Open Muzzle:

  • Designed for divers who prefer an open-muzzle with all the low profile benefits of the Closed muzzle.
  • Facility for double rubber configuration.
  • D-shackle attachment point when adding a reel to the gun.
  • 30% Glass-reinforced nylon construction.


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