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Rob Allen Spear Floppers

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Rob Allen Spear Floppers are made of marine grade stainless steel and engineered for optimal spear streamlining to exceed Rob Allen’s personal requirements



: $20.00


Rob Allen Spear Floppers designed to meet and exceed Rob Allen’s personal requirements. specially engineered for optimal spear streamlining, fish penetration and tuning. The floppers made from marine grade stainless steel to ensure long life. Also good strength and dependability. Using such a strong flopper will ensure that you don’t lose your fish.
The floppers are available in 4 sizes to suit every spearo: 48mm, 58mm, 72mm and 85mm
  • Engineered for optimal spear streamlining, fish penetration and tuning
  • Marine grade stainless steel construction for product longevity
  • Floppers sold with the pin

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Additional information

Spear Barb

48mm, 58mm, 72mm, 85mm


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