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Rob Allen Spinner Teaser

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Rob Allen Spinner Teaser

The Rob Allen Spinner Teaser is such an effective flasher, it completely changed blue-water hunting.  A well designed flasher will stimulate a predator to change course and investigate it by reflecting light and emitting vibrations when in the water. This results in increased fish sightings as well as more shooting opportunities when they pause to look at the flasher.

Game fish can often pass a hunter without being seen, but a well designed flasher will stimulate the fish to change course and check out it’s reflecting light and emitting vibrations in the water. A flasher therefore increases your chance of fish sightings and hunting opportunities.

You should position flashers shallow enough to allow you to approach any fish before they lose interest. A good rule of thumb is to deploy flashers within visibility and between 6-12 m deep. Spinning around, this very intriguing item will help bring the fish to you. Spearos have reported kingies coming in again and again to have a look.

This flasher has no mono which makes it sturdy and rugged.

It is ideal for clear conditions and waters.


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