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Neptonics Spearfishing: Quality Gear for Serious Spearfishing

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Neptonics Spearfishing - Quality Gear for Serious Spearfishing - Diversworld Online Store Cairns Australia

Neptonics Spearfishing, a brand dedicated to providing spearfishers with top-notch gear that delivers outstanding performance. With a commitment to solid gear that works, Neptonics has become a trusted name in the spearfishing industry.

Here’s the story behind Neptonics, and why they are a go-to brand for spearfishing enthusiasts worldwide.

Today, the brand not only offers apparel, but also has a mentoring program that teaches marine skills and fosters care for the environment. Founder Dennis Fay’s passion for the ocean and helping others has been a driving force in the success of Salty Monkeys.

A Legacy of Quality

Neptonics was founded in 1996 with a clear vision: to design and manufacture spearfishing products that not only meet their high standards but are also used by the team themselves. This dedication to quality has driven their success and established Neptonics as a leader in the industry.


Growth and Expansion

From humble beginnings of crafting trigger mechs in a barn in the Santa Cruz mountains, Neptonics has experienced remarkable growth. In 2014, they joined forces with Spearfishing Solutions and relocated their headquarters to Tampa, Florida.

Today, Neptonics serves customers in over 60 countries, with brick and mortar stores in Florida, Santa Cruz, and Long Beach, California.


Wide Range of Innovative Products

By combining their own meticulously crafted products with trusted brands, Neptonics ensure that spearos around the world have access to an extensice, diverse range of reliable spearfishing equipment.

They have earned the trust of spearfishing enthusiasts worldwide through their dedication to delivering the best-designed products.

Neptonics takes pride in being the most trusted spearfishing store globally, a reputation they strive to maintain.


Whether you’re a seasoned spearo or just starting your spearfishing journey, Neptonics offers the gear you need to enhance your underwater experience.

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