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How to Choose Spearfishing Fins

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How to choose your set of spearfishing fins

When you are out spearing, proper freediving or spearfishing fins will make a huge difference in your performance.

The most important aspect for such fins is that they have closed heels instead of just straps. This will transfer much more power from your legs into the blades than open heel fins do.

Imagine it like running in well fitting sneakers versus running in thongs.

Spearfishing fins are also longer and more flexible than regular fins, thus creating greater propulsion in order to get you further with less effort.

There are several types of blades for spearfishing fins.

Polycarbonate blades are great for beginners, as they are lowest in price while being sturdy to last you a long time.

Carbon fibre blades and Composite fibreglass blades are of higher quality and will be more efficient in getting you deeper as they bounce back with each kick, therefore making kicking more effortless.

Read more about the different materials used for fins and how to decide on the right one for you in this blog post.

Learn how to best care for your fins to keep them in pristine shape here.

Make sure to also check out Matty Parker showing you how to assemble blades and footpockets the best way:


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