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Spearfishing Gear in Action: 14mm Micro Bore Rubber

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Spearfishing Gear in Action: 14mm Micro Bore Rubber

Micro bore 14mm rubber has changed the game for spearguns. On conventional guns the speed and acceleration through the water is a lot faster due to the smaller O.D rubber compared to 16mm, but still having the same amount of energy in the rubber especially when using 2 or 3 bands.

The bands are easier to load and have reduced recoil with no loss of power, suitable for all banded and roller spearguns. We do advise to use a 16mm rubber if the roller is larger than 90cm with a 7.5mm shaft.

And here’s what the Micro Bore Rubber looks like in action:

This is a short clip with the 14mm micro bore rubbers on a bluewater gun taking down a 30kg dogtooth tuna, as well as a shorter 85cm gun with the 14mm bore rubber taking down a 9kg red emperor.


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