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Diversworld Dorado Carbon Roller Speargun - Diversworld Spearfishing Online Shop Cairns Australia

Product Review: Diversworld Dorado Carbon Roller

The Diversworld Dorado comes with a full stainless mechanism and moulded handle that has been built by spearos with years of experience. With no need for balancing this gun still floats with a reel on it once the spear has left the gun.

Cairns Spearo Slippery Gypsea Productions tested it out and said, I just so happened to be doing a bit of product testing for DiversWorld Spearfishing and i must say, I am impressed with their prototype roller. It’s quite a lethal little weapon.

The Dorado is also Roberto Berto’s favorite speargun to use, and he’ll explain why in this clip:


Make sure to also watch this clip to get an idea of how the Dorado Carbon Roller is in the water:


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